Pip Berry Wreaths

For use on Danish Stars or separately anywhere in your home

These are the handpainted berry wreaths that decorate our unique danish stars. Each danish star is hand woven by my friend and noted basket weaver R.Hoyt. My pip berry wreaths come in 3 sizes and multiple designs.

The beauty of these stars is that the berry wreaths are easily changed. Designs include pineapples, snowmen, pumpkins, houses, animals and santas. Simple to change it up for different seasons or looks.

The stars come in 3 sizes, 14", 20" and 30". They are also available in 2 colors, oak and black. Hopefully I will have the stars for sale here very shortly.

Remember both the stars and berry wreaths are always available at our shows. These wreaths can also be used separately to decorate any room in your house.

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